Commercial TPO Roofing In Clovis and Portales, NM

All commercial roofing projects require different approaches or different types of roofing services, but TPO roofing is especially for flat or low slope roofs (especially those with a pitch of less than 2:12). TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. There are numerous benefits to utilizing TPO roof installation for flat roofs.

These include,  but are not limited to:

– TPO is a thermoplastic membrane which means it can be robotically applied and robotically flashed.
– TPO is tear-resistant and can last up to 50 years (on average).
– The installation process creates a completely watertight roof deck due to its construction.

TPO materials contain special additives that make TPO roof systems flexible- even at very cold temperatures. It is also extremely resistant to ultraviolet radiation- one of the primary causes of roof leaks – which makes it much easier to maintain. 

How Much Does TPO Roofing Cost?

There are several variables that will determine the TPO roofing cost of a flat roof installation. Some of them include:

– The size and shape of your commercial building
– Your desired number of coats
– The pitch or grade of the flat roof
– Whether you want gravel on top

Most TPO commercial roofs for flat roofs can cost anywhere from $7,500 to $14,000 per install. Although this is only a ballpark estimate as every roof is different and these prices vary depending on your location. These prices also do not reflect any required flashing work and material costs. We applying for financing with us if cost is an issue before install for your flat roof in Clovis, or Portales, NM.

TPO Roofing Portales

Why Should I Hire Foster Construction To Install My Flat Roof?

Foster Construction is licensed to perform flat roof installations as well as tear-offs and repairs on all commercial buildings in Portales and Clovis, New Mexico, as well as the surrounding areas. We have been serving this area since 1995 and have a lot of experience with tpo commercial roofing applications. We also have a TPO installation guarantee and warranty because we stand behind our work!

How Do I Get Started With TPO Roof Systems For My Commercial Building?

To get started, give us a call at (575) 607-8045 today or fill out the form on our contact us page to receive your free TPO roofing estimate from Foster Construction in Portales, NM. One of our TPO roofing experts will come out to your property and provide you with a roof estimate as well as answer any questions you might have about our TPO roofing services for commercial roof systems. Let us help you decide whether a TPO flat roof system is right for your residential or commercial roof!